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Bedford Garage Door Repair only carries the highest quality doors for your home or commercial site. Our extensive catalog and strong vendor relationships mean that you can always find a solution that will fit your budget and your personal taste. We carry garage doors made from aluminum, wood, and steel; insulated or standard! Below we'll discuss some of the great advantages of each, and when you call us, we'll work with you to figure out the perfect solution for your home!

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Insulation and Garage Doors

Garage doors offer both an appealing look for your home, as well as insulation from the elements. This is an especially important consideration if you work in your garage on projects like woodworking or car repair, or if you store temperature sensitive materials in the garage. In Bedford, Texas, we see temperatures averaging as cold as 35 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, and as warm as 96 degrees Fahrenheit (

Save Money with an Insulated Door

An insulated garage door has a specially constructed layer within its construction that protects you and your possessions from the elements. This not only enhances your personal comfort, but saves you money on your heating and cooling costs. Consider for a moment how many shared walls make up your garage. Most homes have at least 2 shared walls which are poorly insulated and transfer a significant amount of heat in and out of the garage, and throughout the home. By purchasing an insulated garage door, you're lessening the amount of time your heating and cooling system needs to run to keep your home at a comfortable living temperature.

The Importance of the R-Value

The insulation quality of a garage door varies, and is measured using an R value; a measurement of a material's resistance to heat flow. Relatively speaking, the higher an R-Value a door has, the better the door is at keeping your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our trained technicians will sit down with you and look at both how you use your garage, as well as how many shared walls are in your home to help you find the best value for your needs!

Steel Back Garage Doors

'Steel Back' garage doors are a more advanced form of insulated garage doors. Instead of a normal insulated garage door with exposed insulation material, a steel back garage door is constructed with insulation material sandwiched between two steel plates. This not only adds to the insulation quality of the door (known as R-Value), but provides the door with better long-term durability.

Wood Garage Doors

A classic design that is still popular with many homeowner is a wooden garage door. Wooden garage doors are much heavier than many of the alternatives, however they are sometimes preferred as they offer a lot of curb appeal to your home. They are also more resilient to dings and dents associated with children playing basketball in the driveway! You should keep in mind that most wooden garage doors will require additional ongoing maintenance to protect the wood from the elements, and you'll normally find that you can find metal doors that have similar appearances to wood without the additional upkeep.

Aluminum Garage Doors

We have an extensive selection of aluminum garage doors as well! Aluminum doors have become a popular alternative to wood or steel doors as they are much lighter and less expensive. These doors can be customized to have similar appearance to their wooden counterparts, and will last you longer against the elements as they won't rust or rot as easily. Keep in mind that aluminum doors will reflect dings or dents though; we recommend steel or wood doors if you have kids that like to play basketball in the driveway.

Custom Garage Doors

Bedford Garage Door Repair not only offers an extensive catalog of residential doors using traditional materials and design, but we can also customer order a door uniquely designed with your home in mind! When we sit down and go over your design goals, we may recommend this option as you can truly get the door that is perfectly matched with your architectural style and taste. Remember, your garage door can make up as much as 30% of your home's curb appeal, so selecting the perfect door to accent your home is a solid investment.

Commercial Garage Doors

We are also happy to offer commercial doors to meet business requirements. Give us a call today to find out about our business specials. Replacing an old door at your warehouse or office space not only lowers your heating and cooling costs, but also helps to keep your workplace safe and up to OSHA standards. Don't make the mistake of waiting for one of your employees to get hurt by a broken door! Give us a call today.

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