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Bedford Garage Door Repair specializes in helping homeowners get the most out of their installations. Not only do we run our regular specials, but we provide extremely cost-effective maintenance plans for your garage door system. Regular maintenance on your garage door can save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your system, and guarantee that your garage door will operate safely around your pets and children for years. Below we'll discuss some of the parts in your garage door assembly that require regular inspection and maintenance.

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Springs Maintenance

Spring are one of the most vulnerable components in your system. Both torsion and extension springs are under incredible amounts of pressure for their entire serviceable life. Over time, the metal will begin to stretch, which will result in your garage door becoming unbalanced. You can easily test the condition of your springs by disengaging the lifting mechanism from your door and carefully pulling your door into the half-way open position. If after letting go of your door, your door moves either up and down, then your springs are out of alignment. This condition will result in excess stress on your rollers and hinges, which will result in more severe breaks overtime. Of course, your motor in your garage door opener will also experience additional stress as a result because of the decreased tension in the springs transferring more and more of the garage doors weight to the belt. A relatively simple repair, if neglected, can cost you hundreds down the road.

Rollers Maintenance

The rollers on your garage door need to be regularly inspected, cleaned, and lubricated in order to keep them in optimal running order. If you notice your garage door making a rubbing noise as it moves, or the door shaking as it's lowered, your rollers are most likely in need of cleaning or replacement. There are two types of rollers in use today; metal or nylon rollers. If your installation utilizes a metal roller, use a non-silicone based lubricant to clean and lubricate the roller. If you have nylon rollers, simply lubricate the bearings rather than the wheels.

Maintenance for Your Garage Door's Hinges

Your garage door hinges bare the brunt of poor maintenance on the rest of your system. If your springs are out of alignment, or your rollers are sticking, the hinge that connects that panels of your garage door as it moves over the bent rails will start to stress fracture and bend. These are relatively easy parts to fix, but require significant safety considerations as a door closing in on your hand can result in serious bodily harm, especially if a body part is caught between two panels of your door. As with all of the components of your garage door, we highly recommend giving Bedford Garage Door Repair a call so we can setup a maintenance schedule for your system.

Rail Maintenance

The rails guide your garage door as it is raised and lowered, and bear the full weight of your garage door when it is in the open positions. Besides making sure your rails are properly secured as part of your installation, a little tender loving care can go a long way towards quiet and smooth operation of your garage door. To maintain your rails, simply moisten a cloth with brake cleaning solutions. Next, wipe down the rollers twice a year to remove any dust or debris build up over time. If you take care of all the different processes mentioned above, most properly installed garage door systems will last your for years and remain relatively quiet in operation.

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