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When you think about your garage door, the main part that comes to mind is your door. However, the process behind making your 200 pound garage door open and close quietly, and with ease is a symphony of parts that each play a significant role. Below we'll go over some of the most critical components.

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Garage Door Rollers

The rollers are like the train's wheels on the tracks. They are directly attached to your garage door and as their name would imply, roll along the guiding rails to safely move your garage door from the open to the closed position, and back.

Garage Door Hinges

Depending on the style of garage door you have installed, you may or may not have hinges connecting the various panels of your garage door. Generally speaking, if your garage door flexes as it moves along the rails, the hinges are the components that hold those panels together as they are bent to accommodate the bend in the rails. With all of the stress placed on these units while the door is in motion, they can be the most vulnerable to poor maintenance / care of your garage door.

Garage Door Cables

The cables are the components that connect your springs to the garage door. These are incredibly dangerous to service yourself without the guidance of a trained technician. If a cable snaps, the forces on the spring are released and the door becomes extremely difficult for your garage door opener to move. If you notice fraying or one of your cables break, please immediately call Bedford Garage Door Repair so we can help repair the broken parts without putting yourself at risk of bodily harm.

Garage Door Opener Gear Kit

Each garage door opener uses a unique motor that combines various specific gears, washers, nuts, and a worm wheel. Because each opener is unique, it is much more cost effective and convenient to purchase a kit that is designed specifically for your system, as opposed to purchasing individual parts. The components that are replaced in one of these kits are directly responsible for transferring the power of your garage door opener's motor onto the chain or rubber track that moves your garage door when you hit the button on your remote. Because of the forces involved, these pieces must be perfectly aligned and match to the exact manufacturer's specifications. That's why Bedford Garage Door Repair is available same day to make sure that your system is perfectly taken care of!

Garage Door Panels

Your garage door is broken down into panels of a particular length and width to allow your door to move along the rails without snapping. These panels are connected to each other by hinges and connected to the guiding rails by rollers.

Rubber Bottom

The bottom of your garage door will normally have a rubber bottom; sometimes referred to as a weather strip. This not only helps to further insulate your garage, but also protects the portion of the garage door that would otherwise come into direct contact with the concrete surface of your driveway from excessive wear and tear.

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