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Whether you need a simple tune up, or a whole new system installed, Bedford Garage Door Repair is your local provider with same day service and the expertise to get the job done right the first time. Part of providing our unique level of customer service is making sure our customers are well informed and able to make educated decisions when it comes to garage door maintenance and installation. Below we'll briefly discuss some of the things to consider when trying to decide what course of action to take if you notice a broken spring, or your garage door is failing to operate like it should.

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Safety First

Please keep in mind that the parts we're talking about here are under a lot of pressure and if they snap while you're working on them, they have the potential to cause serious bodily harm. We highly recommend calling a trained professional to minimize the risk to your safety, or further damaging your system.

Torsion Springs

There are two different types of springs your garage door assembly may utilize. The first we'll discuss is the Torsion Spring. A Torsion Spring will look like a metal coil tightly wrapped around a horizontal pole across the top of your garage door's opening. The primary purpose of this spring is to assist the garage door opener assembly in opening and closing the door. The spring holds the weight of the door as it is moved. Without this assistance, your garage door opener would need to be much more powerful and the chain or cable would likely break as a result of the added stress. Keep in mind that this is one of the most dangerous components to work with as the metal coil is under extremely high tension and can cause bodily harm if not maintained and repaired by one of our trained technicians.

Extension Springs

Extension Springs are the second type of springs used in modern garage door assemblies. You can easily identify them as they can be found on the sides of your garage door rails and will extend as the door closes, and then contract as the door opens. You will also notice a cable pulley system in most configurations which attaches them to the door and the rails. Without springs like these in place, your garage door would be extremely heavy for you to open by yourself, and an electric garage door opener would have a massive amount of noise and stress on the chain drives. We recommend calling your local experts at Bedford Garage Door Repair to help diagnose and repair these setups when things go wrong as there is considerable tension on these components. The pulley system can also be complex, and many homeowners forget to install a safety cable when installing these systems on their own, which can also lead to bodily harm over the lifetime of your system. Don't worry though, we're always happy to help and look forward to your call!

Our Lifetime Warranty

Bedford Garage Door Repair offers our customers with an effortless solution to garage door maintenance and repair. Our dedication to excellent customer service and becoming your lifetime provider for garage door service has led to our exclusive lifetime guarantee on springs. This means that if your springs break or come out of alignment after we've installed them for you, we will fix or replace them for you at no cost. We know that our installation will be free from defects, so we have no problem guaranteeing them all the way up to 30,000 cycles! This is almost double the average lifetime for a spring, depending on the type and quality of manufacture. So why would you shop around when you know you're getting the best price, the best guarantee in the industry, and the quickest service, all in one place?

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