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Brenda Higgins - Bedford, Texas wrote: 'I was so impressed with your same day service! My garage door was stuck in the open position and I simply couldn't muscle it closed on my own. My sister recommended your company and I was thrilled when the technician arrived at my home within a couple hours of my initial phone call! Mark was so friendly, and really took the time to explain every step of the process to me. Once my door was fixed, he helped me with a few tips to prevent the door from jamming in the future. Thanks again for taking care of me and my family.'

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John Calvin - Bedford, Texas

'I have to say that you really bailed me out of a tough spot with the wife! I went ahead and attempted to fix a broken hinge on my own, but ended up getting in a little bit over my head. When I finally gave in and called in the professionals, you got here before my wife realized I had blocked her car in the driveway. Trust me, without your awesome help, I would have been in the dog house for sure! I told all the guys at work to save themselves the hassle and give your team a call. Thanks a million!'

Peggy Myers - Bedford, Texas

'Our family needed to find a cheap solution to our broken garage door and you guys made our day. The quote was much lower than we had expected based off a conversation with one of your competitors, and our door is still working just like new after all this time! We'll call you guys first in the future. Keep up the great work.'

Ebony Gordon - Bedford, Texas

'What originally started as a horrible day for me was turned around by your helpful staff at Bedford Garage Door Repair. Your assistant was so friendly over the phone and really seemed to be on top of her game. When the technician arrived, he brought all the notes from my phone conversation and quickly helped me get my car out of the garage so I could get to work. I never leave people alone working at my house, but I actually felt comfortable letting him work and finish the job up while I was at work. A few hours later he called my phone to let me know I was all set. Awesome, A++.'

Jose Rodriguez - Bedford, Texas

'I was really impressed by how your rep was willing to answer my questions over the phone. Not only was she friendly, but she answered all of my questions before even scheduling your tech to come out. When I finally decided to schedule a service call, your company was the only one on my list because of her help. Customer service seems to be a lost art form in today's world, but your prices were competitive and service was phenomenal. Have a great new year and I hope to work with you again in the future!'

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