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Bedford Garage Door Repair is a local name you can trust. With our commitment to arriving at your door on time, and completing your project well within the timeframe we've agreed to, we have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout our community. We take pride in being your local choice, and honor that commitment every time we work on your garage door system.

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Fast Service With A Smile

Because we're local, we offer same-day garage door servicing to our customers located in and around the Bedford, Texas area. This fast response time means that our customers get their garage doors diagnosed and fixed before some of our competition can even make it to your door!

Save Money and Time

We even offer ongoing specials and promotions to help make sure you receive the absolute best value for your hard earned dollar. Bedford Garage Door Repair knows how an unexpected issue with your garage door can put a hole in your budget. Our ongoing specials are designed to save you money year round! Of course, our regular prices are incredibly low as well. We challenge you to compare us to your local big box store.

Trust our Trained Professionals

The specials we can't wait to tell you more about over the phone include the parts that are most likely to break on your garage door installation; the springs. Symptoms of a broken spring include your garage door failing to open, or your garage door opener making a louder than normal grinding noise as it attempts to open the garage door without the assistance of the springs. Springs are also known for losing their alignment and causing undue stress on other parts of your garage door. If you suspect your springs are out of alignment or broken, you need to contact us as soon as possible. The springs are under intense levels of pressure and can cause serious bodily harm if repairs are attempted by anyone other than a trained professional.

Experience Makes All The Difference

Our experienced technicians provide quality service with a smile. We regularly provide continuing education courses to make sure our technicians are brought up to speed on the latest advancements in garage door repair and installation. We also work closely with our garage door vendors, and our garage door opener vendors to provide in-depth knowledge around the different options available to homeowners today. As a result of this close training, our technicians have expertise in a variety of different garage door styles; ranging from aluminum doors to heavier wood doors. This expertise extends to selecting the correct garage door opener to meet your needs. This critical piece of equipment directly impacts your experience as different designs create different noise levels during operation and have varying life cycles.

Mechanical issues

No matter the cause of your mechanical issues, you need to give Bedford Garage Door Repair a call right away to assist in troubleshooting and repairing your garage door and garage door opener assembly! There's no job too big or too small to entrust to your only local experts in garage door repair and installation. Our same day appointments and everyday low prices guarantee you the best and fastest solution to your garage door repair and installation needs.

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